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Nyonya Curry Puff


Curry Puff is a popular snack in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. A well-balanced morsel of crispy pastry shell & aromatic curry filling make them an all-time favourites snack. Now you can whipped up this tasty treat easily with our Heng's Chicken Curry Sauce. 

Happy Cooking!



     100g Heng's Chicken Curry Sauce

     90g Water

     500g Cooked Potato, peeled & diced

     2 Shallots, diced

     1/2 tsp Salt

     Dash of Blackpepper Powder

     5 Curry Leaves, sliced (Optional)

     2 Boiled Chicken Eggs, Sliced (Optional)



     Dough 1

     200g Wheat Flour

     90g Water

     3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

     1 tsp Salt

     25g Sugar


     Dough 2

     90g Wheat Flour

     70g Butter/ Margerine



     1. Mix all the ingredients for filling except egg slices.

          Microwave at High for 3 mins. Set aside.

     2. In a mixing bowl, put in all the ingredients for Dough1 & mix well. Set aside.

          Repeat the steps for Dough 2.

     3. Fold Dough 1 & Dough 2 together, roll out & made into spiral pastry.

     4. Put about 1.5tbsp filling & egg slices if using on the center of spiral pastry.

         Fold over to enclose the filling & plaid the pastry edge neatly.

     5. Deep fry the puff until golden brown.


Will make about 20 pieces of Curry Puff.