About Us

Heng's was established in 1930s. We started with producing Malacca’s famous ‘Teochew Satay Sauce’ gravy and our specialty of ‘Flounder Fish Powder’, ‘Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce’ and ‘Crispy Fish Chili Sauce’. We strive to introduce the flavorful gravy to locals and tourists by making it available by packing it in convenient packages for them to use at home.

From then on, we have been slowly expanding our range of sauces and seasoning to cater to a bigger market. We have over 50 choices of sauces and other variations to our portfolio. Our products can now be found in hypermarkets ie. Jusco and Tesco all over Malaysia and the overseas market of Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and United States. All our products have been certified HALAL and we are a HACCP certified company for “Production of Sauces, Pastes and Dried Seasoning Powder”.