Heng's Lemak Nenas Sauce
Net Weight: 200g
Taste of Malacca Nyonya

Malacca Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of traditional malay and chinese culinary influences coupled  with recipes passed down from generations. Meticulous in its preparation, the harmony of selected fresh herbs and spices, positions Malacca’s  Nyonya cuisine as one of the top delicacies in Southeast Asia.

Heng’s Malacca Nyonya Lemak Nenas Sauce unites turmeric, tamarind, chilli and lemongrass to go with tangy pineapple slices and succulently juicy prawns whisked in fresh coconut milk makes for a refreshingly appetizing treat that really hits home. You will be sure to enjoy this time-cherished flavour with your family and friends!