Heng's Chicken Curry Sauce
Net Weight: 200g
Taste of Malacca Nyonya
Malacca Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of traditional malay and chinese culinary influences coupled  with recipes passed down from generations. Meticulous in its preparation, the harmony of selected fresh herbs and spices, positions Malacca’s  Nyonya cuisine as one of the top delicacies in Southeast Asia.

Heng’s Malacca Nyonya Chicken Curry Sauce stews a luscious meld of heat and comfort complementing chicken tenders and potato chunks stirred in with coconut milk. You will be sure to enjoy this time-cherished flavour with your family and friends!
娘惹菜是将马来族及华族的烹调特色及菜系精华融合一起,加上代代相传的饮食智慧, 创造出具有独特风味的娘惹饮食文化,其中又以马六甲的最具代表性。 娘惹菜制作精细, 采用新鲜原料及多种香料调制而成, 有酸甜, 辛香,微辣等多种风味, 是东南亚最独特精致的佳肴之一。

Heng’s  马六甲娘惹咖喱鸡酱,香辣浓郁, 色泽金黄,搭配鲜嫩鸡肉及马铃薯块烹调, 再加上南洋必备的椰奶或牛奶,口感辛辣爽口, 让您忍不住想大块朵颐一番。现在就和您的家人和朋友一起享用!