Heng's Curry Laksa

Oct 14, 2019
Heng's Curry Laksa

Heng’s Malacca Nyonya Curry Laksa Paste with distinctly fiery richness goes generously with rice noodles, fish cake, prawns and coconut milk, will have you soaked up in absolute bliss. You will be sure to enjoy this time-cherished flavour with your family and friends!

Happy Cooking!

1 packet (200g) Heng's Curry Laksa Paste
400g Noodle
50g Bean Sprout
3pcs Hard Boiled Eggs
200ml Coconut Milk
1500ml Water
Fish Cake
Shredded Cucumber
Tofu Puffs

Cooking Method:
1. Blanch prawn, bean sprout, and noodle.
2. Stir-fry Heng's Curry Laksa Paste till fragrant.
3. Add Water and boil.
4. Add coconut milk & tofu puffs. 
5. Serve the noodle and soup in a bowl & enjoy it!