Heng's Sambal

Oct 14, 2019
Heng's Sambal

Heng’s Malacca Nyonya Sambal coats a full-bodied earthy heat that melds brilliantly with fresh seafood is bound to instantaneously rouse your senses and soul. You will be sure to enjoy this time-cherished flavour with your family and friends!

Happy Cooking!

1 packet (200g) Heng's Sambal Sauce
200g Prawn
1 medium size Onion
100g Bitter Beans
200g Eggplant

Cooking Method:
1. Heat up oil, add onion and stir-fry.
2. Add eggplant, bitter beans& prawn. 
3. Evenly Stir, and add Heng's Sambal.
4. Add some water and simmer it.
5. Serve it!