Heng's Chilli Garam

Oct 14, 2019
Heng's Chilli Garam

Heng’s Malacca Nyonya Chilli Garam Sauceclassically pounds shallot, bird’s eye chilli, garlic and candlenut together for a delicate balance of sweet spiciness to dress over golden crispy fish fillets that envelops flavourful, heritage harmony in every way. You will be sure to enjoy this time-cherished flavour with your family and friends!

Happy Cooking!

1 packet (200g) Heng's Chilli Garam Sauce
600g Fish
Cooking Oil

Cooking Method:
1. Heat up the oil.
2. Add fish and fry fish until golden brown.
3. Stir-fry Heng's Chilli Garam Sauce till fragrant.
4. Pour the sauce on fish, & serve it!